The painting above is Michelangelo‘s view of how God speaks to human beings: Directly and always with a helping hand. Unfortunately, Michelangelo‘s message has been silenced. It is time to rewrite his history.

divine.me is an e-learning platform providing you with Inner Wellness sightseeing tours.

Our innovative tours will teach you how masterminds such as Michelangelo have created genius work by healing their inner wounds. 

Listen to their stories and learn true history in a new way. 

Get inspired by their stories and jump to your next level of consciousness with our matching Energy Healing sessions.

Our tours and sessions will be launched between May 22nd and June 22nd, 2021. You can guarantee your early bird access and price by buying one of our tour-tiers or opt for a donation for our platform. Thank you!

Furthermore you have the immediate possibility to be entertained with our essay collection. By doing so, you will be able to easily follow and understand these upcoming world changing months and our following tours and sessions. Please understand that our essay collection is the first healing phase of this program as it delivers the cognitive insights to may start your emotional healing.

Reading our essay collection will open your eyes for a reality you probably never heard of before. It is the so called matrix, the world you have been born into. Not all that exists has been revealed to us. There live powerful beings on our beautiful earth we will introduce step by step to you. You will learn everything about the Annunaki and the real Illuminati and those who illegally posed in their name in hundreds of years. And you will finally understand why bitcoin is here.

Before you notice, you will have fully understood why scary things like the actual corona crisis need to happen and how easy life becomes once the fear is gone. By then you will have transformed from a human into a galactic, into a star being!

Doris DeAngelis

I am the founder of divine.me. Before my awakening, which began in 2008 with a near death experience, I was a globetrotting (war)correspondent, later turned into an entrepreneur, organising sightseeing tours and further developing my psychic and channeling gifts. That was the preparation. My real mission starts with divine.me.

Research Team

We have been digging deep over the last three years to understand the story of the real ILLUMINATI. The researchers we have worked with are many, coming from all parts of the the world.

Design & Development

There is a young and highly talented team of designers and experienced developers at work for divine.me. You will see more of their art soon.

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