We are not experiencing a pandemic. We are experiencing the climax of the psychological game that has led humanity to where it should be: on Judgment Day.



Michelangelo Buonarroti painted the picture of the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel in the middle between 1535 and 1541 as if he were with us this spring 2021.


He painted the people who let themselves be bought by the consumer world of Babylon and the lies of the media world and who are now drawn into the depths, into earthly death.


He painted those who are still struggling and hesitating whether or not they should accept the helping hand that others hold out for them.


And of course Michelangelo painted those who understood what it takes to ascend "to heaven", to the heavenly realm. It is the people who not only kept themselves physically fit, trained spiritually, recognized their nature as spiritual beings and worked on it. It is the ones who will survive COVID-19 when the current "vaccination" phase is over.


And Michelangelo shows us something else: he did not paint a god who would judge humanity at the Last Judgment. Because, as all the wise and true Illuminati already knew in the Middle Ages: There is no old man with a long beard in heaven. Especially not one to fear so much on Judgment Day.



Where is god

Whether you ascend or descend on Judgment Day, whether you will continue to live on this earth or die physical death, you alone decide with your emotional and mental state.

It will not be a decision between two or more political parties. It is a decision that you make within yourself and that you have to answer only to yourself.


You can use COVID-19 to recognize your fears and learn to manage them. Or, you can continue to blame everyone else for your fears and lack of responsibility.


There is no god in human form. There is only divine energy. A good part of it is hidden inside you. That is why this program is called divine.me - because every person has the opportunity to become mighty like a god.


You can now learn to own this energy or continue to ignore it. Those who choose the last option will be rewarded with death. In the essay "The Mark of the Beast" I will explain how this dying takes place and why it is the most beautiful and easiest way out for these souls. Then you will understand that there is a just solution.



Only the truth survives


The age of deception and lies is over.


Any area of ​​your life that still depends on lies will end. As a human being who is filled with lies, you have no chance of surviving in a world of truth.


Since the beginning of 2020, you have had many opportunities to discover the lies that have ruled your life since you were born. A large part of humanity has already done this. Others start now. Still others are still asleep and will wake up when in April 2021 the last remaining pseudo-governments that were "ruled" by the court jesters fall. After that, the majority of humanity will not stop working on the knowledge of the truth. It has become an unstoppable process.



You no longer have the luxury of choice