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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Would you have thought that we would learn of the silent war that has been raging on earth for four years, in the form of a film about a fictional virus? A movie in the form of a smart mob, played by real people and actors who mime politicians, popes, kings and high-tech psychopaths, not on the screen but in the middle of our lives, with the whole world as it's stage? This is what really happened in 2020. "Covid19", the movie, is still in progress. And you are still playing along.

You may still believe that in 2020 we were almost swept away by a pandemic. Or that a "plandemic" staged by our governments has taken place with the aim of reducing humanity.

Or that a psyop war is raging between different political formations, especialy in the US but not only, in which one side tried to blame the other for a Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. stormed by unarmed protesters, and ruined cities.

None of this is true.

COVID-19 was always and still is a show.

The longest we have ever seen.

It's a real life movie

What in January 2020 really began in Wuhan, China was a film that turned the whole world into a single stage.
A smart mob with actors, some clones and real people playing themselves.

"COVID-19", the smart mob, showed us in 2020 a world that could have happened. It showed us the horror if the new world order offered by the mafia clans that ruled us for centuries via governments, central banks, CEOs and organisations they installed worldwide, would have gone through.

After 12 months of scaremongering with COVID-19, we all have a good idea of what this hate program would have looked like: "Corona" was originally intended by the cabal as a prelude to end free humanity. With a non existing virus, the masses were to be terrified via the controlled media - so much that they voluntarily give up their usual freedom of action. At the same time, we should see a sequence of five or six lockdowns carried out in all nations worldwide, one every six months. Any lockdown would create a new wave of bankrupt entrepreneurs and desperate unemployed. With each lockdown, more rights would be cut. In between, the mass extermination with forced vaccination and 5G was to follow, accompanied by total surveillance and the deportation of the unwilling to re-education camps.

From 8 billion to 0.5 billion

The world's population should be reduced from just under eight billion to 0.5 billion people while the remaining humanity should be allowed to present as servants for the upper hundred thousand. This is how it has been written for 120 years in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, later incorporated into the publications of the WHO, the World Economic Forum and the UN Agenda 2020 and 2030.

The dark Zion paper also set out the route for the mass media, which are almost completely controlled by the cabal in all nations of the world and responsible to create fear in this world - a job they wonderfully completed once again in 2020. And of course, whenever you hear people like Bill & Melinda Gates or Hilde & Klaus Schwab chat about their psychopathic dreams, they refer to the evil rules out of the Zion paper they have been taught to repeat like machines.

But then somebody said no

In the US - most likely in military circles -, resistance to this satanic new world order doctrine grew as early as the 1950s and 1960s.
This led to a second, much cleverer plan to wake up the world's population. And to use the calmness of lockdowns for the secret actions of the military against paedophile satanists who have hijacked the institutions of the world.
This plan is called the Great Awakening and it has been promoted by an anonymous online voice called Q.

You have been experiencing the implementation of this second plan for twelve months in the form of the smart mob COVID-19. A perfectly staged spectacle with archival material, clones, doppelgänger and actors in which the real horror remained an illusion: There were no piles of corpses in the hospitals. There was no 5G disaster. There was and there is no mandatory vaccination.

There is always only the fear of all these measures and it is always only the fear that makes a scenario real for you – or not.

And this is exactly what the filmmakers wanted to show us: We live in an world of illusion. And we co-create this illusion every day with our thoughts and emotions. I will explain this concept in depth in one of the following essays. It is fundamental to understand it if you want to live with ease.

The filmmakers didn't have to do much to start the movie COVID-19. They let all the less dangerous actions of the former cabal regimes run while they shut down all of their planned lethal experiments. They opted for a well-known flu virus. It could also have been any other "causative agent" provided with a possibly complicated medical definition - the most important feature of the pathogen anyway was its invisibility and unprovability.

It was China that showed the rest of the world how to lock down millions of healthy people within days and keep them confined in their homes. Almost the whole world followed. All the major military leaders in the world had already agreed in 2017 with the US military leadership to do so.

And so the smart mob COVID-19 overnight became the movie of all times, having the full attention of a billion audience for more than one year now.

With stunning humour and many staged highlights such as the "storm of Capitol Hill" in which unarmed protesters walked into the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and the provocative scenes with the "Trump fan" in his Viking costume out of the Simpson saga were shot in the green box. The actor even has been photographed having a laugh with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Every detail, every visual hint is important in this film. Some of the almost 30,000 National Guard troops arrived in style in "Angelic Luxury" buses in Washington - like angels, there to lock down forever a vital part of the cabal's power center. But first, they allowed the cabals to have their last 15 minutes of faked fame: Kamala Harris showed up dressed as Lisa Simpson to Inauguration Day to be sworn in as vice president. Joe Biden - the actor because the real Joe Biden has with high probability been taken out in 2019 -, was sworn in as president of a bankrupt US Inc. Corporation Washington D.C. Prior to the the pre-recorded inauguration show, Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of wire fences and National Guard troops - a perfectly prepared open air prison.

Under normal circumstances, the three former first ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, would have never gone to an inauguration in second-hand-shop outfits. They did it at Joe Biden's staged inauguration and they did it - or if it was really them, they were forced to do it -, in the theatrical style of the Hunger Games series, in which the former entertainment department of the Cabal named Hollywood has announced the genocide intentions of the governing "Capitol" years ago.

It was only on closer inspection that it became clear that some of the main characters in this film did not look the same as before. That may be because there have long been executions among zionists, starting with the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, and certain big names since then have only been played by actors - in the required role and only for the media and its readers and viewers. After 2018 it hit the big names: First Barbara Bush died, a few months later her husband George W. Bush. Shortly thereafter, a "brain tumor" suddenly swept away top Democrat John McCain.

In 2019, a worldwide wave of CEO resignations began. Towards the end of the same year, there seem to have been hundreds of arrests and more than fifty executions in the Vatican. In recent weeks, several people known for their zionist views have also suddenly died.

Donald J. Trump has made it clear during his presidency that there is only death penalty for child traffickers - and according to this script alone, the current events on earth do make sense.

World-renowned actors playing the roles of their lives

Joe Biden is one of the main characters whose external change is a source of speculation. The amiable but somewhat demented grandpa who let the revelation of the compromising content of his son's computer pass without contradiction and now embarrasses himself every day in the office of the alleged US president, is rumoured to be played by Jim Carey.

While Robin Williams, who was once known as the quirky Mrs. Doubtfire, seems to make a return from the dead or has probably faked this suicide in 2014 to prepare for the role of his life: The portrayal of the "new" Melinda Gates. The one who presented herself with satan's amulet around her neck.

Unforgettable how "Melinda" is telling us of her horror scenarios for Africa in her faithful fight against the murderous COVID-19 virus with it's survival rate of 99.99%, terrorising the television audience with her supposedly selfless life as a lifesaver in Afrika and exposing at the same time the sick fear mongering of the mass media circus and the lethal agenda of the Gates Foundation. It is well known that the Gates Foundation has been forbidden entry in India and Kenia because their vaccination programs deliberately killed, sterilized or crippled hundreds of thousands.

The show turns hilarious when "husband" Bill Gates appears on her side and praises their common accomplished "work" with sentences like "We see a lot of things that are going very well... things like PRODUCING CHILDHOOD DEATH" (min. 1:16):

By now you should see instructive movie COVID-19 is: There is no better way to expose a psychopath than to expose his real agenda in public. And for an actor like Robin Williams it is indeed the challenge of his career to play the hidden vileness of a psychopath in "real life."

In some places, the court fools out of real life were simply left in their place

We all know the sad figures who always serve all rulers. In this movie they play their roles as the deeply frightened children they still are. They do so involuntarily and under house arrest, some wearing electronic ankle shackles. Their psychological profile is similar to that of prime ministers such as Justin Trudeau, Sebastian Kurz, Angela Merkel or Pedro Sanchez. They first served the cabal and they are now humiliated by the military, their new masters, to play their own sad existence and to impose "their" people against themselves with ridiculous laws.

Anthony Fauci has involuntarily became the best in this category. In front of the camera, he showed us every day how much such a person fights for survival: While he still received instructions from his pharma business partners, he also tried to follow former US president Donald Trump's wishes. Trump played him with ever-changing views on COVID-19. And while a growing number of viewers realized who Fauci really is, he didn't even notice what he was doing. For Fauci life is all about surviving. He doesn't care if his patient dies in the process. And that is exactly what the film-makers of the smart mob COVID-19 want you to see.

Awakening, perfectly staged

What we see is the film of all the films. A masterpiece. Perfectly designed for everyone to learn from it. Everyone on his or her level of consciousness.

You are the target of this film

The smart mob has been playing next to you, with you but first of all for you.
This film wants to wake you up. This is why it intervenes directly in your life with painful lockdowns, business closurees, surreal mask laws and life threatening vaccinations.

At the same time this movie also protects you from the turmoil that would surely have erupted in 2020 if the public and the mass media had been able to see what was actually was built behind the scenes of this film.

We will talk about this in one of the next essays.

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