Habemus papam?

The greatest show of the ongoing COVID-19-movie has been raging within the Vatican. Seven divine years long "Pope Francis" has offered us world class theatre. Now it is time to ask: Who is this man? He certainly is not the Pope.

Pope Francis made every effort to come out whenever possible. Since taking office in March 2013, he has made no mistake in showing the world of his 1.2 billion Catholic sheep the crude truth: He unrestrainedly smooched a little boy in the middle of St. Peter's Square. He celebrated mass wearing beautifully embroidered pedophile badges for "Boy Lover". During his trip to the Philippines in 2015, he and a Filipino bishop giggling showed the faithful the sign of the "cornuto", the sign of satan. At World Youth Day in October 2018, the pope signaled his solidarity with homosexuals by adorning himself with an LGBT rainbow cross pendant.

While walking outside the Vatican he made faces none of his predecessors would ever have allowed themselves. In 2017, during the visit of former US President Donald Trump, he played the defiant child so obviously defiant that even the mass media journalists became aware of his not so papal behavior. In November 2020 the pontiff's verified Instagram account liked a photo of a Brazilian bikini model in stockings and suspenders. Not much later, the Pope claimed that only those vaccinated against COVID-19 would be allowed to go to heaven - a wise statement as the Vatican holds shares of Pfizer but a monstrosity for a "Holy Father" in view of the current, vaccination-related death wave.

Papal whistleblower

Pope Francis showed us the millennia-old sins of the Popes his predecessors so skillfully hid.
But nobody wanted to know. The "official" world - made of mass media, corrupt politicians and a silent mass -, still holds on to the Pope's purity in white.

And so Pope Francis for seven years fabricated one PR disaster after the other and his mea culpa went unheard as so many other confessions behind the thick walls of the Vatican, while believers and the vaticanisti, the group of self-appointed "experts" reporting for the mass media from Vatican, put yet another layer of tomatoes on their blind eyes and kept on re-writing the illusion of the most respected personality in the world, a holy father after all, supposedly appointed by God to represent him on earth.

And it got worse.

Who is this pope?

None of the Vatican"experts" has noticed to this day that Pope Francis is not Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man elected to office in 2013.
The man walking around the Vatican in Pope's clothes is not even a priest but just - an actor.

The photos below show Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his years as Bishop of Buenos Aires, during which he was appointed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio resembles the man in the papal clothes in Vatican but he is definitely not the same man.

The man in the papal clothes looks more like the Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce, well known for his work in 'Evita', 'Tomorrow Never Dies' or 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. In fact, every detail of Pryce's face, even the liver spots on his forehead, are identical to those of the man who officially rules and controls the Catholic empire in Rome.

The false Bergoglio became really noticeable in 2019 when actor Jonathan Pryce also appeared as Pope Francis in the Netflix drama 'The two popes' - alongside Anthony Hopkins, who played the retired Pope Benedictus, Joseph Ratzinger.

The confusion was perfect: Jonathan Pryce as "Pope Francis" was sitting next to Anthony Hopkins (Joseph Ratzinger) and watching football in the Netflix drama, just like in real life, when he went to see the real Joseph Ratzinger.

Where is Bergoglio?

Bergoglio was a lanky man with a sad look. This was the memory I had of him when I shortly met him when he visited Rome in 2001. When I saw him on TV stepping onto the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica as the newly elected Pope in 2013, he seemed to have put on weight but looked happier, somehow friendlier - and somehow different. I did not work as a journalist any longer and did not really care. I just wondered why a Jesuit like Bergoglio had chosen the name of Saint Francis? Francis of Assisi stands for voluntarily suffered poverty and righteousness. The Jesuits stand for material values and a casual approach to morality. Somehow, already the name choice seemed to be the prank of somebody else...

And there were more strange things going on within the Vatican long before the actual COVID-19-crisis. Already in 2005, when the conclave was scheduled after the death of John Paul II and I was the Vatican correspondent for German and Swiss media in Rome, Bergoglio had been introduced to us journalists as the favorite candidate for the pontiff chair. We were told the story of the"bishop of the poor in Buenos Aires". It was the image of a saint some cardinals "casually passing" in front of the Vatican press office described to us shortly before the conclave began. But then, surprisingly Joseph Ratzinger was elected and the Argentinian Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had to wait until 2013 - when he was elected but evidently never made it to Rome.

Who torpedoed Bergoglio's election in 2005 but then approved it in 2013?

Who then sent an actor instead of the elected Cardinal Bergoglio to Rome?

Who really elects the Pope?

Because the cardinals who vote so secretly locked up in the Sistine Chapel certainly did not.

It was actor Jonathan Pryce who showed up in Rome during the Conclave period in March 2013. It was also actor Pryce who stepped onto the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica as the "newly elected Pope Francis".

Watching the ongoing movie, the smart mob COVID-19, the filmmakers of this worldwide show seem to have held the reins firmly already in 2013. It was in their interest to unmask the wickedness of many criminal men in Vatican - and let the lies tell the "pope" in persona.

Anytime Jonathan Pryce, the actor, snubbed devout Catholics with his derailments, he possibly did so to show them that within the Catholic Church they were not presented with true Christian values but with rather satanic ones.

And Pryce alias "the pope" showed us more we need to learn: He never allowed worshippers to kiss his papal ring. This sometimes led to the most absurd contortions at receptions when Pryce/Francis pulled his right hand constantly away when throngs of people lined up to kiss his ring. Pryce/Francis so far justified himself with his "fear of spreading germs".

But then we saw Pryce/Francis loosing this fear and submissively kissing the hands of this man's hand among others when visiting Jerusalem in 2014.

Almost nobody recognized the momentous nature of this visit. The Catholic Church is not just an organised religion, the Vatican is a state and while it is physically tiny, the Vatican is a world power whose influence in many respects outweighs that of any nation on Earth.

Which is why we should know who really dictates the "pope's" fear of germs. We will find it - in one of the upcoming chapters.

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