Judgment Day is here

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We are not experiencing a pandemic. We are witnessing the climax of the psychological game that has led humanity to where it was supposed to arrive from the very beginning: the Day of the Last Judgment.

Michelangelo Buonarroti painted the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel between 1535 and 1541 as if he was with us in this spring 2021.

He painted the human beings who have many co-dependences with Babylon, who let themselves be bought by the consumer world and the lies of the media world, who are now drawning them into the depths - which symbolise earthly death.

He painted those who are still struggling with themselves and hesitating whether or not they should accept the helping hand that others are holding out for them.

And of course Michelangelo painted those who understood what it takes to ascend to the heavenly realm. It is the human beings who not only kept themselves physically fit, emotionally healed and trained spiritually, but who recognize their nature as spiritual beings and constantly work on it. It is those who will easily survive "COVID-19" when the current "vaccination phase" and further tests are over.

And Michelangelo shows us something else. He did not paint a God who would judge humanity at the Last Judgment. Because, as the wise and true Illuminati already knew in the Middle Ages: There is no old man with a long beard sitting on a throne. Especially not one to fear on Judgment Day.

Hardly any other artist has immortalized the Last Judgment scenario as realistically as Michelangelo. He understood that we are all here to experience spirituality and reach the state of enlightenment with our souls locked in bodies - or to end up in Satan's arms.

Where is God?

Whether you ascend or descend on Judgment Day, whether you will continue to live on this earth or die spiritual and physical death, you alone decide with your emotional and mental health.
It will not be a decision between two or more political parties or some sort of trial in front of an angry, white-bearded god. It is a decision that you make within yourself and only you can take responsibility for this decision.

There is no God in human form. There is only divine energy. It is hidden within you. That is why this program is called divine.me - because everyone has the opportunity to become powerful like a God.

You can now learn to make this energy your own or to ignore it further and leave your soul to the dark forces.

For everyone who decides on the path of divine energy, divine.me is a complete guide to master this path purposefully and to climb from one level of consciousness to the next in direction of enlightenment.

On the opposite path, the same psychological game on earth ends with "The Mark of the Beast".

Only truth survives

The age of deception is over. Any area of your life that still depends on lies will end now, if you want it or not.

Since the beginning of 2020 you have had many opportunities to spot the lies that have ruled your life since you were born. Part of humanity has already faced these lies. Others are on their way. Still others will begin to see the extent of the unimaginable illusion that has been served up to all of us , when the last remaining pseudo-governments - run by the satanic court jesters from the cabal and kept alive only for movie "COVID-19" -, will fall from April 2021 on.

It will be the moment the only remaining world power will reveal that "COVID-19" was just a movie and that there has never been a virus. And that this film was played to open your eyes - or to lead you into Satan's arms.

After that, most of humanity will not stop working any longer to find the whole truth. Nothing can stop this process, nothing can stop what is coming.

You no longer have the luxury of choice

This is the end of the time our creators gave humanity to evolve and rise from Homo Sapiens to Homo Galactic.

A Homo Galactic is a person at an advanced level of consciousness who can manage and use both - his spiritual powers and his intellectual and emotional know-how - for his benefit and starts developing supernatural powers. Once a large part of humanity has made this leap, the human experiment will have reached the stage of the fifth dimension, in which duality, the eternal conflict, is as good as dissolved.

This path begins with the realization that this World War III is a spiritual war. It is God's war against Satan.

We do not live in a world disconnected from extraterrestrial realities. We live in a world in which the extraterrestrial is far more important than the earthly. And every human who cannot feel this, in the fifth dimension can no longer serve the experiment of humanity.

In addition to our physical world, there is a spiritual world - also called the universe or God or the divine. There live the powers that are leading us and asking us with "COVID-19" to make a choice between God and Satan.

Every living person lives either in the spiritual realm of darkness, which is ruled by Satan (LEFT), or in the spiritual realm of light, which is ruled by Christ Jesus (RIGHT).

This realization is no longer an optional that you can or cannot believe in the form of a religion. It's not about that anymore. We are leaving the territory of religions, they were only there to confuse and divide us.

Believing in the power of science is also no longer an option. Science has been created by the cabal as a precursor to COVID-19 and as an instrument to further intimidate and shake our belief in our divine power. A person who constantly asks: "Has this been scientifically proven?" has long since disdained the divine power conferred on every human being and has long since given up divine power in favour of half-finished knowledge that is less than 500 years old.

It is also by no means correct that you are on earth to make a career or to earn money and to pretend that it is "professional" to subordinate all of your actions to this belief. These are satanic concepts that the cabal school system has injected into your belief system to control you. They wanted you to live exclusively in your left brain, where the rational thinking resides.

The Last Judgment affects everyone

The Last Judgment is a concept of the three main Abrahamic religions: Jews, Muslims and Christians. However, this does not mean that the gospel of Judgment Day only applies to followers of these religions. We all - including those who do not know or do not recognize the gospel -, will be called, regardless of where we live, what language we speak or what religion we believe in.

The point in time when Christ's consciousness returns to earth after thousands of years of aberrations to complete resurrection and to lift the human experiment to the next level of consciousness, is the point in time when the more highly developed people put on the crown of Christ.

Putting on the crown is a metaphor for opening the seventh energy center, the CORONA chakra, which allows direct communication with the extraterrestrial forces. Divine.me will show you how to open your corona chakra and how to start your own dialogue with the higher powers in seven mediation and self-hypnosis sessions of the becoming-a-galactic-being level.

Thus Jesus Christ becomes the consciousness of Christ and the resurrection of humanity is accomplished.

Only crowned people remain on earth

It should also become clear why the directors of the COrona VIrus Disease -19 film chose the well-known Corona Virus to bring this crisis to life: Corona is the Latin name for crown. Only the crowned people who know how to communicate with divine energies via their crown/corona chakra will be able to make their way to the fifth or higher levels of consciousness.

The script

I use the concepts described in the Bible because the Bible is the script that the Cabal followed and follows. We have to know our enemy in order to defeat it. So we need to get biblical and understand that it was never correct to say that the Bible foretold the actions of the Cabal. It has always been that the Cabal acts according to what is written in the Bible.

Yes, you read this correctly: The holy book is the script for the satanic cabal. And thus one of Jesus' disciples described the Day of the Last Judgment:

Then he will also say to those on the LEFT: Get away from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire that is prepared for the devil and his angels.
Then the king will say to those in his RIGHTS: Come here, you blessed ones of my Father inherit the kingdom that has been prepared for you from the beginning of the world! Matthew 25:41

Humanity is separating. The split in two half started with COVID-19 and will take years.

This is what Judgment Day looks like:

One part, the RIGHT side, will stay on earth and live on a higher energetic level.

The other part, the LEFT side, will leave the earth forever.

Judgment day will by no means be the end for humanity or Mother Earth.

But the Last Judgment will bring the end to all organized religions as humanity is awakening to a higher truth, and it will bring the end of our school, legal, scientific, economic, financial and political system as we know it today.

It will also put an end to most of our ideas about what we call "our history." Level 2 of the divine.me program will present insights from the true history of humanity in seven audio tours - which I have learned over the last few years in the exchange on my crown chakra "channel"with my extraterrestrial guides.

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