• At this rewards tier, you will get access to the download of 7 Energy Healing sessions - each matching one of the 7 sightseeing tours in the previous tier.
  • Learn from 7 world famous masterminds how they transformed from dysfunctional, depressed and diseased human beings into galactic beings.
  • Learn how to easily use and integrate Energy Healing, the medicine of the 21rst century, into your future life.
  • Get full access to all the benefits of the previous "Leaving the Matrix" and "Creating Genius Work" tiers.

BECOME A STAR BEING - Your mental/emotional healing

  • This membership tier gives you full access to all the benefits of the "LEAVING THE HUMAN MATRIX" and the "CREATING GENIUS WORK" tier as well as to 7 matching Energy Healing sessions.

    Tours and sessions will be released March 22 - April 22, 2021.

    One-time payment, early bird offer.